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Why Go Mobile?

“] Well quite simply if you are in any way relying on the internet to generate new customers and enquiries then you absolutely have to Go Mobile there is no question about it.

Just as ten years ago nobody trusted that new fangled internet thing we call the World Wide Web, now it’s an everyday thing to most people and more importantly to your customers. Mobile usage of the internet is moving even faster taking your customers with it, some of your competitors are already engaging their customers on Mobile so if you don’t already provide for Mobile users you need to seriously consider it or get left behind.

So where does Mobile fit in your business?

After all you already have a website and most modern mobile devices can surf the internet and they can find your website. The problem is that very often they are presented with one or all of these obstacles.

  • The website is to big for the screen, needing scrolling to navigate.
  • Your contact details are not easy to find.
  • The website is squashed into the screen making it impossible to see without zooming.
  • The website takes a long time to load.
  • Some functions either take a long time to load or not at all (images especially)

These are just some examples but all of them are likely to force mobile users to navigate away to a competitors website that is Mobile Optimised.

We don’t expect you to take our word for it.

So consider these facts, in fact I suggest you do verify what we say for yourself. Over half the population of the UK owns a smart phone of some kind, devices like iPhones, Blackberry, Androids and Windows phones. You probably have one yourself but were you aware that over 65% of smartphone users in the UK use them to search for local services on the internet right now, according to Google.

Google has reported a 500% increase in mobile search in the last 2 years including figures such as 85% of searches being for local services and information. Whats more Google also reports that 81% of those searches result some kind of action based on those searches, for example calling a business to enquire about their services.

Another startling fact, again from Google, is that 60% of mobile users will navigate away from a non-mobile optimised website without taking any action.

So where does that leave your business?

Well right now if your business website is appearing on the front page of a Google Search you can almost Guarantee that it is also appearing on the first page of a Mobile Search which means that you are potentially throwing away business enquiries by people using a mobile device to search for your services.

All is not lost and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

The solution is to provide your website users with a “Mobile Optimised” website experience that will engage them in the manner to which they have come to expect. Almost forcing them to take action and not leave your website for a competitors.

This is where we come in our business is Mobile for your Business, we aim to provide and advise on every aspect of Mobile Marketing for your business.

To find out how you can Mobile Optimise your website and tap into the Mobile Searches happen right now for your business services.

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What is a Mobile Website?

“] A mobile website is very similar to a normal website, the main difference, from a technical viewpoint, is that a mobile optimised website is formatted to display well on the small screens of a Mobile Phone. A website designed fro pc or mac users can still be seen on a mobile device, however very often the pertinent information that mobile users are looking for is hard to find and the whole website much harder to navigate.mands_fullsite

To illustrate this difference we have a couple of images from a well know UK high street retailers website. The first image,  on the right here, shows how their website might appear on a mobile phone if it were not optimised for Mobile Phones. The retailer is Marks and Spencers.

If you go to MarksandSpenser.com on a pc or mac you will see that in this instance viewing the main website on a mobile device you can only see the top left hand section of the website. This leaves you having to swipe right and scroll up and down to try and find the information you want. You would also probably experience very slow loading times because the website is not optimised for Mobile data networks like 3g often having larger image files.

In the second image below you can see that the Marks and Spencers mobile version carry’s the same branding but the format is much better optimised for Mobile Devices.


You can immediately see that the image slider has been optimised to fit the screen and the menu system has been made simpler (top left menu button).

Some of the text links such as the search function and shopping cart or checkout have been simplified to easily recognisable icons.

You will also notice that the whole website now fits the width of the Mobile Phone screen, taking away the need to scroll sideways or zoom in and out to navigate around the website.

If you scroll down on the Mobile version you will find a set of horizontal navigation links to other areas of the mobile website. Having navigation at the top and bottom of the website makes it very easy for users to access all the information that they need.

You might be thinking that Marks and Spencers are a large company with a big budget for online assets. I’m sure you would be right however we are in the business of help smaller businesses to capitalise on Mobile Website traffic and it doesn’t cost as much as you might think.

To find out how you can Mobile Optimise your website and tap into the Mobile Searches happen right now for your business services.

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Our Mobile Website Features


[homepage_features title="" desc="All our standard Mobile Website Deals come with these benefits." ][homepage_feature title="Free Hosting" img="http://mobwurd.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/hosting_48.png"  ] All of hour standard mobile website packages come with FREE hosting for the first 12 months. We offer reasonable low cost monthly service options for businesses that need to make regular updates. [/homepage_feature][homepage_feature_last title="Mobile Features" img="http://mobwurd.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Pin.png"  ] We include one touch calling and emailing as well as links to you favorite social media platforms, YouTube, Google Mapping and much more to your mobile website. [/homepage_feature_last][/homepage_features][homepage_features]

[homepage_feature title="FREE Redirect Install" img="http://mobwurd.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/redirect_48.png"  ]In order for any Mobile Website to work in conjunction with a desktop site we need to know when people are viewing from a Mobile Browser. So we use a small piece of code to check this, we supply the code as a matter of course but we are happy to install it for you if needed Free of charge. [/homepage_feature]

[homepage_feature_last title="Quarterly Analytics Report" img="http://mobwurd.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/analytics_48.png"  ]You will receive a quarterly analytics report for your Mobile Website. This report includes not only traffic for the website but detailed analysis of how your visitors interact with the site. [/homepage_feature_last]



[homepage_feature title="QR Code Marketing" img="http://mobwurd.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/qrcode.png"  ] FREE QR codes to the home page, any page or all the pages on your Mobile Website. Supplied in vector format ready for your printer to include it in your print marketing. [/homepage_feature]

[homepage_feature_last title="Contact Us" img="http://mobwurd.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/contact_48.png"  ]Contact us now for a FREE no obligation quote. Either call us on 08456805406 leave a message and we will get right back to you or send us an email via our Contact Form[/homepage_feature_last]


To find out how you can Mobile Optimise your website and tap into the Mobile Searches happen right now for your business services.

Call us now on 08456805406

or send us a message on our contact page HERE




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